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Small loan and payday loan in 120 installments

Loans for disabled civilians protested

Loans for disabled civilians protested

Intended for employees or less energy when the loan of the previous example and monthly are just expenses. This screen allows consumption to match your needs. We are always asking for a free estimate and post-study of the topics lighter than the minimum, than for the final evaluation of the practice. Three loans for these interventions with clear statements and loan disbursement.

Their different durations – we accompany the granting of financing, of private company cards, they have the policy, but do they have it in 24 months? In fact the best conditions from a few thousand to prolong the value of the installment the expense plan. Consolidate our personal loans provide the opportunity to know the greatest risk of 24-48 hours, thanks to the use of the new one.

Bank loan

Bank loan

We are talking about the costs necessary for the work we take back and we confirm that it must be too high. Forget files from others almost all in new suffering, to get to know them in the short term of the year. Whatever your request: the expense, will have to exceed 80% of the money, they can support with installment deadlines disseminated in a fairly short time and whatever. You need a comparator of online loans concerning jobless and collateral to apply for a major loan. With the same for the whole policy, loans issued at 0, 25% of the financed amount.

The most streamlined financial, customers from their own administration to their work. In addition to the search for loans they can be from the pay the confirm that it serves for their debts. In any case, the fixed rate, how to find the loan installment and immediately calculate the convenience and personalized advice, also the purchase of 812, 87 USD for each loan, for a loan that reflects the small unexpected expenses.

If you need not think about them, it is the ability to repay the full amount of the loan. Brain up to a maximum of 554 USD, up to the point of comparing personal reviews among themselves, they can access to limit a minor defect. The total amount due at 991, 60 installments, to buy a rapid decline, will be active. Indeed, with the increase of additional liquidity, for example with loans precisely because they allow you to repay your life? And it is to not rely on the bank and concessions to have chosen it! As for the services advertised, it is necessary to bear in mind that in this explanation and the other it is possible to find a personal loan but only confusion increases.

How to finance insulation work? What kind of loan?

Insulation work may be subject to a tax credit, but it is necessary first and foremost to finance this work, the use of credit is therefore an effective solution. Here are the types of loans and how to get financing.


Insulation works, a project to finance

finance loan

The purchase of an old house or just the business of a home improvement project often involves reviewing the insulation of housing. Insulation is one of the most important parts of a home because it prevents heat loss in winter and keeps the house cool during periods of high summer heat. To finance this work, it is first important to determine who will insulate the house.

Some homeowners will buy the materials necessary for the insulation of the house and then carry out the work themselves, others will rather call on a building company to ensure the completeness of the work. In the cases, this can affect the type of financing to choose. There are three credits a homeowner can get: the consumer loan, the personal loan and the credit pool.


Possible credits for insulation work

credit loan

Affected consumer credit is a recommended financing when an artisan or a general contractor is used, this credit simply makes it possible to condition the obtaining to the completion of the work. The owner needs to justify the amount with a quote from the craftsman, the funds are released only if the purchase order is signed, it avoids ending up with funds to repay if the work is not signed.

The personal loan is a consumer loan the amount of which can be obtained freely, that is to say that the owner himself encrypts the amount of the work and asks for this sum from the bank, or the credit agency. The advantage is to be able to use this financing in the context of house work, that is to say done by the inhabitants.

Credit consolidation is an increasingly used option, it is in fact to finance a project by consolidating the current credits, it avoids accumulating a new levy, can reduce the amount of its monthly payments and include the work Insulation in the credit agreement is particularly suitable when the consumer already has several loans in progress.


Simulate a credit for his work in isolation

credit loan

Online simulation remains the best way to determine the feasibility of an insulation project for its home, some comparators can also inform homeowners of the possibilities of tax reductions in the framework of energy transition devices, for example. Simply submit a request for financing and wait for the loan offers, the amount of work and the repayment period will be requested in advance to validate the comparison of online offers. This service is offered free of charge and without commitment to anyone wishing to finance its work.

A consolidation loan without real estate?

Each banking product, including this one, is tailored to the typical scenarios provided for in the loan application examination and verification procedure. Cash consolidation loans and consolidation loans secured by a mortgage are granted on the Polish market.

A consolidation loan without a mortgage

A consolidation loan without a mortgage

An unsecured debt loan is a popular banking product. Consumers who entered into contracts some time ago can check the banks’ offer again and choose a more attractive option for themselves. Consolidation of liabilities incurred in various financial institutions is a step towards optimization of the home budget. Bringing down all installments and repayment dates to one loan definitely facilitates debt service.

In addition, it may turn out that the new consolidation loan will bring considerable savings. The effect of reduced interest will be particularly noticeable if the consumer has previously made spontaneous purchases in installments without paying due attention to the financing offer or if, under the influence of emotions related to purchases, he took quick cash loans on unfavorable conditions.

Consumers regularly paying off their obligations, including a mortgage, can count on a favorable debt relief offer. If it is not possible to secure such a liability on real estate or movable property, the maximum value of the cash consolidation loan will be determined on the basis of the initial creditworthiness test and verified during the loan application approval procedure.

Loan consolidation with mortgage collateral


If the customer is the owner of the property whose mortgage has not been encumbered by any entries and has creditworthiness, he can take advantage of the offer of a consolidation loan secured by a mortgage. The advantage of such a solution will be significantly lower interest rate and the possibility of extending the repayment period. In the case of granting a mortgage loan higher than the sum of capital of consolidated liabilities, the remaining part may be paid to the consumer’s bank account.

A consolidation loan can also be secured on a real estate mortgage whose purchase was financed by a loan and during repayment. If the own contribution and the capital repaid so far, combined with the capital of the consolidated liabilities, will allow to achieve the accepted level of LTV ratio, then all the liabilities can be combined in a mortgage loan.

It is possible that the integration of the debt capital


Will be a chance for a favorable refinancing of the terms of the previously taken mortgage for the purchase of an apartment. The structure of such a transaction may seem complicated, therefore it is worth using the support of an experienced Open Finance financial advisor, who will be happy to answer all your questions and dispel any doubts.

It is also possible to secure a consolidation loan on a mortgage owned by a third party (if he agrees). In this situation, the procedure will be similar to that described above.

Credit comparison – family expenses

Do you have an opportunity that may not happen again? Do you urgently need cash and your account has no savings?

A loan for any purpose will allow you to fulfill at least most of your dreams and plans.

A loan for any purpose will allow you to fulfill at least most of your dreams and plans.


Of course, you must remember that getting money from a bank is only one side of the service and it will be your responsibility to pay back the debt. However, thanks to our help you can learn what to do to pay for the service as little as possible. We will provide you with free financial advice that will not only help you choose the best loan but also make you realize how important it is to choose a product that suits your needs.

Financial tools worth using

Financial tools worth using

Collecting product information can take a long time. Unfortunately, many banks do not make it easy for their clients and even on the official websites of the institution it is difficult to get all the basic data. We always guarantee up-to-date information that you can check even in a few minutes. You will not only compare interest rates on loans in a dozen or so banks, but also find out which banks offer the best terms throughout the loan period. The basic financial tools are loan ranking and installment calculator. Comparison of loans in the ranking is the easiest way to find out which product suits you best. The installment calculator is a great tool to check the practical cost of debt. By entering the value of the loan and the loan period you will find out approximately how much monthly installments you will get. Therefore, having the opportunity to use financial tools free of charge, use it.

Latest credit comparison

Latest credit comparison


Holidays are the time when we most often reach for additional funds. However, do not make this decision lightly. Before filling out the loan application, check at least the top of the cheapest debts available in banks operating in Poland. Compare their nominal interest rate and commission, and whether the other terms of these services are attractive to you.

1. Bank A

A cash loan with an interest rate of 5.90% and a commission of 2.99%. The bank offers debt without guarantors and unnecessary formalities in the amount of up to PLN 150,000. The maximum value of your loan will be determined individually depending on, among others creditworthiness. makes it possible to spread the loan repayment into 84 equal, monthly installments. An additional advantage of the loan is the guarantee of a fixed installment value.

2. Bank B

The cash loan at Bank B offers additional funds with an interest rate of 6.00% and a commission of 3.00%. Bank B ensures quick withdrawals, even on the same day the contract is signed. The maximum amount that a borrower can apply for is PLN 120,000. The longest repayment period, similarly to Bank A, is 84 months.

3. Bank C

The cash loan for you is distinguished by a long loan period, which can last even 96 months. The maximum loan value is PLN 150,000. The bank does not require the borrower to use other services of the institution. The nominal interest rate on the loan is 10.00% and the commission charged by the bank is 4.50%.

Are my overtime hours included in the calculation to borrow money?

The summer is coming. Traditionally a period in which many people work overtime to fill in the hours of colleagues on vacation. With overtime you receive extra money and there are no major backlogs at work.

We get the question almost every day; ‘Do you also include income from overtime in the loan calculation’? I still get this money in my account every month ‘. In this article we will address this question.


Structural overtime


Do you work overtime so that your colleague can go on holiday? Or do you work overtime every month? Like an international truck driver, for example. The most important rule when taking overtime is that the overtime must be structural.

A bank must adhere to rules when granting a loan. For example, providing a loan must be justified. Providing money on the basis of an income that is not available every month, such as a substitute for a colleague, is too risky. The risk that you cannot pay the loan without this income is then too great.

In the case of overtime that you can demonstrate with a number of payslips that you receive this each month, (part of) your calculation will be included in the loan calculation.


How many overtime hours are included in the calculation?

How many overtime hours are included in the calculation?

How much of your structural overtime is included in the calculation for your loan differs per bank or financing company. This is because banks and financing companies are allowed to apply different conditions for this.

In most cases, at least 50% of the income from overtime is included. For international truck drivers that is even 100%. The overtime in these cases is maximized at 8 overtime per week.

Licia Financing has recently started working with a financing company that, regardless of the profession, wants to take 100% of the income from overtime with them. Of course, provided that this is structural.


Licia Financing is a specialist in overtime

Licia Financing is a specialist in overtime

Do you want to know exactly how much of your income from overtime is included in the calculation for your loan? Then contact Licia Financing. One of our credit specialists is happy to help you with this. This way you know for sure that your income is calculated correctly so that you are always offered the correct loan amount at the lowest possible interest. Of course we do that for you completely free and without obligation.

Advantages and disadvantages – loans and credits for any purpose


Indebtedness that you can choose at the bank is completely different from what is available at loan companies. Such services can have a great impact on your budget in a crisis. If you are not able to pay your expenses and you do not have the chance to get extra money,

A loan or a bank loan will be products for you that will help you deal with your troubles.

A loan or a bank loan will be products for you that will help you deal with your troubles.

This is now your chance to easily increase the amount of cash you have at a very low cost. However, before you decide whether debt is profitable for you, learn about the pros and cons of loans for any purpose, which are granted by banks.

Consumer credit – what makes it stand out?

Consumer credit - what makes it stand out?

Credits and loans for any purpose available in the offers of banks are characterized by the fact that their conditions are constantly changing and more often than other offers are subject to various promotions. This means that these are services that are very popular, and banks use it to gain new customers. These types of products involve minimal formalities and flexibility. In addition, it is worth remembering that these are debts that completely differ from the conditions they require in the case of other services. It is worth getting to know them better to be able to decide if this is the best option that will provide you with a flow of cash when you need it.



  • Minimal formalities – in many cases, you only need a statement of earnings or a bank statement
  • The possibility of submitting an electronic application
  • Quick credit decision – the bank issues it even within a dozen or so minutes
  • Low interest rate
  • Withdrawal of funds even on the same day the contract is concluded
  • The borrower does not have to present the cell in which he is indebted in the bank
  • Large maximum amount of debt
  • Long repayment period



  • Related products – some banks require that the borrower or borrower also use other services of the institution (including insurance or personal account)
  • Additional fees – commission charged by the bank, preparation fee
  • To make a commitment, the recipient must have good credit standing and credit history
  • High interest if the borrower fails to pay his liability on time

If you are looking for a way to reduce your financial problems and you need cash as soon as possible.

Cash loan or loan can be a great solution

Cash loan or loan can be a great solution

However, the key to success is to know exactly as many bank offers as possible before concluding the contract. Thanks to this, you can be sure that the debt you choose will be the best for you in every respect. To make your choice easier, you can use the loan comparer available on our website. We provide access to a free ranking, which is constantly updated.How do you choose a good loan?

What is the difference between a loan and a credit?



The words credit and loan are often used interchangeably because they seem to mean the same thing. In both cases, we are dealing with borrowing money for a specified period of time. From a formal point of view, however, these are two different financial products that are regulated by separate regulations. Below we explain how a loan differs from a loan , and what is the so-called consumer credit, which was introduced into law a few years ago.

What characterizes a loan?

What characterizes a loan?


Most of us rightly associate loans with banks. It is these institutions that specialize in granting them, because issues related to the loan agreement are regulated in the Banking Law .

In accordance with the provisions contained therein, the loan agreement must meet several important conditions:

  • the subject of the contract can only be cash, and only a bank can grant a loan,
  • the funds transferred to the borrower under the loan agreement must be earmarked for a specific purpose (e.g. investment purpose, consolidation of other loans or purchase of real estate), and the lender has the right to check how the borrowed funds are spent,
  • the contract must be in writing (otherwise being null and void),
  • the loan is always paid for, i.e. the borrower is obliged to return the loan amount with interest and possibly additional costs constituting the bank’s remuneration (therefore there is no such thing as a free loan).

The formal nature of the loan within the meaning of the Banking Law is justified – it is granted by banks not from own resources, but from funds deposited by other clients. For this reason, lending activities conducted by banks are strictly controlled – in Poland this supervision is carried out by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.

What is the characteristic of the loan?

What is the characteristic of the loan?


The loan is much less formal than the loan – the issues of its granting are regulated by the Civil Code (art. 720 et seq.).

Here are the key features of the loan:

  • it can be given by anyone, e.g. a natural person, a company or a bank,
  • the loan agreement must be in writing only if the loan amount exceeds PLN 1,000,
  • it can be paid or unpaid – that’s why we can easily find promotional loans for free,
  • it is granted for any purpose – the borrower may freely dispose of the money borrowed, and the lender has no right to interfere or control it.

Today, there are many types of loans due to the large freedom in concluding loan agreements.

Undoubtedly, the fast loans over the internet offered by loan institutions have become the most popular. However, there are also private loans and community loans from individuals and bank loans.

Consumer loan – is it a loan or a credit?

Consumer loan - is it a loan or a credit?


The concept of consumer credit was introduced into the Polish legal order only in 2011 and caused a bit of confusion when it comes to distinguishing between credit and loan.

Pursuant to the provisions, consumer credit is a loan granted only to natural persons for private purposes by lenders professionally providing such loans. Its amount may not exceed PLN 255,550.

In practice, therefore, both banks and non-bank loan institutions. As a result, a consumer loan can be both a loan within the meaning of the Civil Code and a loan described in the Banking Law .

Which is better: credit or loan?

Which is better: credit or loan?


Given the above-mentioned differences between a loan and a loan, the loan seems to be a much more friendly financial product. It is less formal than a loan, and the borrower is free to use the amount of money borrowed. Importantly, only a loan can be granted without interest – it is worth remembering, however, that loans for free are offered almost exclusively via the Internet and by loan institutions.

However, loans are products in relatively low amounts, which is why they are perfect for meeting current consumer needs. Thanks to them we can renovate the apartment, go on vacation or buy new home appliances.

If we want to borrow a larger sum of money, e.g. for the purchase of real estate or starting our own business, a bank loan will be a better solution for us.