Spend Time, Not Money

You think you have to spend a lot of money to have fun? Think again. Live with a tight budget just to enjoy some expensive hobby. There are various entertainment options where you won’t have to bother about your finances. Be creative and find new ideas on how to make the most of your free time without spending excessive amounts.


Some suggestions to consider when looking for a new hobby:

Some suggestions to consider when looking for a new hobby:

  • Don’t buy expensive tools until you are sure that you will enjoy the hobby. Borrow from a friend or buy used tools to see if you are being hijacked by a particular hobby.
  • Choose the cheapest hobby. Let’s be honest, some hobbies are cheaper than others. If you have a lot of ideas in your head about how you can spend your free time – choose the one you spend the least on. Don’t say that you have to give up your hobbies completely, but consider whether there is any cheaper alternative.
  • Choose a hobby that will be useful to you. Maybe you can start a business with selling your manufactured goods with your new hobby. Good health is an advantage outside of home entertainment. Think about how you can improve your physical and emotional state.
  • If the hobby does not turn out to be so interesting, it sells its tools. It is not necessary to stay with the hobby if it is no longer a pleasure. And it is nothing that you have bought everything you need for a hobby – it can always be sold to a bigger enthusiast.

One or more hobbies are necessary for every person. They give emotional excitement that reduces stress and brain power. If you’re still thinking about what might be interesting, but at the same time cheap hobby, I’ll give up some ideas.


Intellectual hobbies

Intellectual hobbies

One of the most popular hobbies is reading books . You will definitely have a library nearby to pick up books. This hobby is as cheap as practical. Reading books develops your mental abilities – you will entertain yourself, consolidate your vocabulary, correct grammar, and get interesting insights.

If you have interesting thoughts and muses on your head for book writing forever – do it. You can write a diary, short stories, fairy tales, poems, lyrics. As I said before, there are hobbies you can make money and writing books could be one of them. You can write not only for your pleasure, but also to earn extra money.

Time will literally break if you like to draw . You can go wild, draw still-life sights, portraits or anything else. Develop your hobby at a professional level. Drawing materials are the only thing you will need to spend, but compared to many other hobbies, this is one of the cheapest.

Self-education is fun and interesting if you see a further purpose. You can, for example, learn a new language . Just as well for training a new musical instrument. You can learn by reading scientific articles. Knowledge is the greatest gift of man, so if you enjoy it, it will be the best benefit.


Active hobbies

Active hobbies

If reading is the cheapest intellectual hobby, running is definitely the cheapest active hobby. You can do it everywhere, the only thing you need – suitable clothing and running shoes. If you’re enthusiastic about running, you train in big marathons that happen every year.

The best workout for your body is swimming , but it can be an expensive pleasure if you go to a swimming center. In the summer you can swim in the nearest lake or river, but in the coldest seasons, use the indoor pools. Have a look at whether monthly subscriptions are more affordable than pay per visit each time.

Every person who thinks a little about a healthy lifestyle must have a bike in the house. To realize a cycling hobby, don’t think you need the most expensive high-end mountain bike. Not at all – a mid-range bike is enough (I think used bicycles are just as good), because the key is nice leisure.

You can see how your flowers grow and make your own gardened and tidy foods on the table as fun as useful. Gardening is a good way of spending leisure time and peace.

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