A consolidation loan without real estate?

Each banking product, including this one, is tailored to the typical scenarios provided for in the loan application examination and verification procedure. Cash consolidation loans and consolidation loans secured by a mortgage are granted on the Polish market.

A consolidation loan without a mortgage

A consolidation loan without a mortgage

An unsecured debt loan is a popular banking product. Consumers who entered into contracts some time ago can check the banks’ offer again and choose a more attractive option for themselves. Consolidation of liabilities incurred in various financial institutions is a step towards optimization of the home budget. Bringing down all installments and repayment dates to one loan definitely facilitates debt service.

In addition, it may turn out that the new consolidation loan will bring considerable savings. The effect of reduced interest will be particularly noticeable if the consumer has previously made spontaneous purchases in installments without paying due attention to the financing offer or if, under the influence of emotions related to purchases, he took quick cash loans on unfavorable conditions.

Consumers regularly paying off their obligations, including a mortgage, can count on a favorable debt relief offer. If it is not possible to secure such a liability on real estate or movable property, the maximum value of the cash consolidation loan will be determined on the basis of the initial creditworthiness test and verified during the loan application approval procedure.

Loan consolidation with mortgage collateral


If the customer is the owner of the property whose mortgage has not been encumbered by any entries and has creditworthiness, he can take advantage of the offer of a consolidation loan secured by a mortgage. The advantage of such a solution will be significantly lower interest rate and the possibility of extending the repayment period. In the case of granting a mortgage loan higher than the sum of capital of consolidated liabilities, the remaining part may be paid to the consumer’s bank account.

A consolidation loan can also be secured on a real estate mortgage whose purchase was financed by a loan and during repayment. If the own contribution and the capital repaid so far, combined with the capital of the consolidated liabilities, will allow to achieve the accepted level of LTV ratio, then all the liabilities can be combined in a mortgage loan.

It is possible that the integration of the debt capital


Will be a chance for a favorable refinancing of the terms of the previously taken mortgage for the purchase of an apartment. The structure of such a transaction may seem complicated, therefore it is worth using the support of an experienced Open Finance financial advisor, who will be happy to answer all your questions and dispel any doubts.

It is also possible to secure a consolidation loan on a mortgage owned by a third party (if he agrees). In this situation, the procedure will be similar to that described above.

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