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Do you have an opportunity that may not happen again? Do you urgently need cash and your account has no savings?

A loan for any purpose will allow you to fulfill at least most of your dreams and plans.

A loan for any purpose will allow you to fulfill at least most of your dreams and plans.


Of course, you must remember that getting money from a bank is only one side of the service and it will be your responsibility to pay back the debt. However, thanks to our help you can learn what to do to pay for the service as little as possible. We will provide you with free financial advice that will not only help you choose the best loan but also make you realize how important it is to choose a product that suits your needs.

Financial tools worth using

Financial tools worth using

Collecting product information can take a long time. Unfortunately, many banks do not make it easy for their clients and even on the official websites of the institution it is difficult to get all the basic data. We always guarantee up-to-date information that you can check even in a few minutes. You will not only compare interest rates on loans in a dozen or so banks, but also find out which banks offer the best terms throughout the loan period. The basic financial tools are loan ranking and installment calculator. Comparison of loans in the ranking is the easiest way to find out which product suits you best. The installment calculator is a great tool to check the practical cost of debt. By entering the value of the loan and the loan period you will find out approximately how much monthly installments you will get. Therefore, having the opportunity to use financial tools free of charge, use it.

Latest credit comparison

Latest credit comparison


Holidays are the time when we most often reach for additional funds. However, do not make this decision lightly. Before filling out the loan application, check at least the top of the cheapest debts available in banks operating in Poland. Compare their nominal interest rate and commission, and whether the other terms of these services are attractive to you.

1. Bank A

A cash loan with an interest rate of 5.90% and a commission of 2.99%. The bank offers debt without guarantors and unnecessary formalities in the amount of up to PLN 150,000. The maximum value of your loan will be determined individually depending on, among others creditworthiness. makes it possible to spread the loan repayment into 84 equal, monthly installments. An additional advantage of the loan is the guarantee of a fixed installment value.

2. Bank B

The cash loan at Bank B offers additional funds with an interest rate of 6.00% and a commission of 3.00%. Bank B ensures quick withdrawals, even on the same day the contract is signed. The maximum amount that a borrower can apply for is PLN 120,000. The longest repayment period, similarly to Bank A, is 84 months.

3. Bank C

The cash loan for you is distinguished by a long loan period, which can last even 96 months. The maximum loan value is PLN 150,000. The bank does not require the borrower to use other services of the institution. The nominal interest rate on the loan is 10.00% and the commission charged by the bank is 4.50%.

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